Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for the Broader Public Sector

The Broader Public Sector (BPS) plays an important role in helping Ontario meet its conservation targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under O. Reg. 507/18 BPS organizations are required to:

  1. Report annually to the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines on their energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and publish the reports on their websites (as of July 1, 2013)
  2. Develop a five-year conservation plan and publish the plan on their websites. Plans must be updated every five years (as of July 1, 2014)

This data includes the annual amount of energy used and greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted for BPS organizations. BPS organizations required to report include: municipalities, municipal service boards, school boards, universities, colleges and hospitals. A number of organizations also reported on facilities that are not required by regulation.

Data files contain the following information:

  • raw energy consumption and GHG emission data
  • data that has been normalized to account for weather conditions and GHG emissions
  • the names of those BPS organizations that did not report their 2013-2017 energy consumption data.

Missing or incorrect data is the sole responsibility of the BPS organization. The ministry has attempted to remove duplicate data from this data set to improve data integrity.

The Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines developed O. Reg. 507/18 to help BPS organisations better understand how and where they use energy and demonstrate government leadership by developing conservation plans to guide energy savings.

*[BPS]: Broader Public Sector


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