2006 Commercial Vehicle Survey: traffic volumes at survey stations

The dataset contains average hourly truck and auto volumes for one week. The data is based on traffic counts collected over a two week period during the Commercial Vehicle Survey (CVS).

Station ID:
Unique CVS station number

Station name:
Station name

Direction of traffic

MTO region:
Five regions of MTO (Central, Eastern, etc)

Highway or road:
Highway number or road name

Description of location

Day of week number:
A number between 1 and 7 representing day of week. 1=Sunday, 7= Saturday

Hour of day, 0 to 23 represents starting hour of the day (e.g. 12 represents 12 P.M. - 1 P.M.).

Number of single unit trucks

Number of multi-unit trucks

Number of cars and other passenger vehicles

Total trucks:
Sum of single and multi-unit vehicles

Total vehicles:
Number of total vehicles

[CVS]: Commercial Vehicle Survey [MTO]: Ministry of Transportation

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2005 - 2007

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