French as a Second Language enrolment

Data about the number of English-language students enrolled in French as a Second Language (FSL) classes. Information is broken down by elementary and secondary panels for each district school board.


  • board number
  • board name
  • FSL - core elementary enrolment
  • FSL - core secondary enrolment
  • FSL - core total enrolment
  • FSL - extended elementary enrolment
  • FSL - extended secondary enrolment
  • FSL - extended total enrolment
  • FSL - immersion elementary enrolment
  • FSL - immersion secondary enrolment
  • FSL - immersion total enrolment
  • FSL - total elementary enrolment
  • FSL - total secondary enrolment
  • total FSL enrolment

FSL data is reported by schools to the Ontario School Information System (OnSIS), October Submissions.

The following English-language school types are included:

  • public
  • catholic

To protect privacy, numbers are suppressed in categories with less than 10 students. Suppressed totals or cells that could be used to derive data in suppressed cell are depicted with "SP".


  • Starting 2018-2019, enrolment numbers have been rounded to the nearest five.
  • Where sum/totals are required, actual totals are calculated and then rounded to the nearest 5. As such, rounded numbers may not add up to the reported rounded totals.


*[FSL]: French as a Second Language


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