Public and Private Bill Table

Table containing a record for each and every potential Bill file, for Public Bills, both Private Members and Government initiated and for Private Bills. New, amending and/or revoking bills are recorded. For each file, table contains the client ministry, private member contact information, the Act titles in English and French, date of file opening and date of introduction and closing, as applicable. Office of Legislative Counsel team members assigned to work on the file are recorded.

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Data Not Available

This data is not and will not be made available. Data in this record cannot be released because of legal, privacy, security, confidentiality or commercially-sensitive reasons, as outlined by the Open Data Directive.

Why? Legal and contractual obligations - Contains information covered by Solicitor/Client Privilege and/or Parliamentary privilege and/or Cabinet Confidentiality, Information that is deemed available to public is already on e-Laws site

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