Public Accounts: Ministry Statements and Schedules

(Formerly Public Accounts: Volume 1)

The Public Accounts of Ontario is a major accountability document which presents the financial statements of the Province.

This dataset contains ministry statements and detailed schedules of debt and other items. The ministry statements reflect the financial activities of the government's ministries on the accrual basis of accounting.

The 2021-22 dataset should be read in conjunction to the Public Accounts: Ministry Statements and Schedules document.

Visualize this data for 2019-20.

The Financial Administration Act requires the preparation of the Public Accounts for each fiscal year. The Public Accounts of Ontario are not subject to nor licenced under the Open Government Licence - Ontario, but rather under the terms of use. Differences between numbers are due to rounding.

For previous versions of the Public Accounts of Ontario, please click here. Please note that prior to year 2014-15, the Public Accounts of Ontario are available in PDF format only.

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Fiscal: 2021 - 2022

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