Ontario Tree Seed Transfer Policy data

This highly specialized publication (Ontario Tree Seed Transfer Policy data) is available in English only in accordance with Regulation 671/92, which exempts it from translation under the French Language Services Act. To obtain information in French, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry at (1-800-667-1940).

The Ontario Tree Seed Transfer Policy ensures that seed used to regenerate forests has a good chance of producing trees that are adapted to their growing environment. It specifies where seed can be collected and used and the conditions under which seed may be transferred.

The data is provided as part of Appendix 1 of the Ontario Tree Seed Transfer Policy. It is available in both table and map formats , and also includes CSV and shape files.

Tabular display

This dataset includes three tables that show the spatial direction of the seed transfer policy based on the climate similarity analysis (refer to Appendix 1 of the policy for information on the climate similarity analysis):

  • Table 1. For transitional period: Acceptable seed transfer from the 2010 Seed Zones of Ontario to current seed zones
  • Table 2. Acceptable seed transfer from the 2010 Seed Zones of Ontario to ecodistricts
  • Table 3. Acceptable seed transfer among ecodistricts

Within the tables, you can click and sort by your location of interest to understand the best seed sources to collect from or deploy to. You can sort by either seed zone or ecodistrict.

The policy recommends a climate similarity of 0.9 or greater to the targeted collection or deployment site.

Visual display

The climate similarity analysis used in developing this policy is also available as an interactive map.

Maps are available to help you make seed collection and deployment decisions, including:

  • collecting seed by ecodistrict or county
  • deploying seed by ecodistrict
  • deploying seed by seed zone

You can also view:

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2020-09-04 - 2020-09-04

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