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OMAFRA swine budgets

The swine budget provides a guide and format to estimate the cost of production and returns for a swine enterprise. Data is released monthly by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) for Ontario pork producers.

These cost estimates and assumptions are based on information obtained from a variety of industry sources, such as Grain Farmers of Ontario, feed companies and production managers.

The tool includes the following for farrow to finish (dollars/pig):

  • estimated market hog value
  • feed costs
  • variable costs
  • fixed costs
  • total cost
  • net return

It also includes the estimated accumulated cost for a market hog sold each month.

Learn more about the OMAFRA swine budget.


  • These cost figures are not obtained from a survey.
  • The variation in production practices can cause a large variation in costs of production. Please allow for adjustments when interpreting and applying these figures to your swine production enterprise.
  • Individual farm figures will vary depending on your farm’s resources, management, production, financial arrangements, health status and size of the swine, and the market conditions and level of risk.

Additional Info

Field Value
Geographic coverage Ontario
Maintainer branch Agriculture Development Branch
Last Validated Date 2023-04-13
Update frequency Monthly

OMAFRA swine budgets

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2001-01-01 - 2023-03-31

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