Occupational health and safety field visits, workplaces visited, and orders issued

A field visit occurs when a ministry inspector visits a workplace to assess compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and regulations. A workplace is considered any land, premises, physical location or thing at, upon, in or near which a worker work.  An inspector may visit the same workplace multiple times.

During the field visit, the inspector can issue orders to different companies ("contraveners") at a workplace to achieve compliance with OHSA and regulations. Inspectors can also issue legal direction to workplace parties notifying them of their obligation to co-operate and to provide requested information.

This dataset includes the:

  • date of the field visit
  • type of visit (for example, initial or follow-up)
  • case type (inspection or investigation)
  • case status
  • workplace visited, including workplace ID, name, location and NAICS code
  • contravener's name and role, where applicable
  • orders issued under OHSA and regulations, where applicable

[OHSA]: Occupational Health and Safety Act [NAICS]: North American Industry Classification System

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