Ministry of Infrastructure website performance data

Broadband performance data is derived from end users/client testing on a number of client web browsers. The raw data set provides a means to gain detailed knowledge about various wireline service speed performance. Historical data acquired for 2011, 2012 and 2014 calendar years. Some key fields in the data:
test date
download kilobytes per second
upload kilobytes per second
latency ms
server name
server country
client city
client longitude

*[ms]: milliseconds

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Data Not Available

This data is not and will not be made available. Data in this record cannot be released because of legal, privacy, security, confidentiality or commercially-sensitive reasons, as outlined by the Open Data Directive.

Why? Legal and contractual obligations - Purchased data under contract, which restricts use of any data, including any information that can be derived from the data on the ministry’s websites, public relations, marketing, sales, social media or advertising

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