Corn and soybean neonicotinoid-treated seed data

The data, which includes seeds treated with neonicotinoids (treated seed) and not treated with neonicotinoids (untreated seed) must be submitted no later than October 31 of each year, for the previous 12-month period ending August 30.

The data includes:

  • total mass, in tonnes, of treated seed sold or transferred, or that was treated by a custom seed treater,  that contained imidacloprid, clothianidin or thiamthoxam
  • total number of acres that could have been planted with this amount of treated seed
  • total mass, in tonnes, of untreated corn and soybean seed sold or transferred

Further information

This dataset is related to the following:

  1. Stream Neonicotinoid Monitoring Study
  2. Soil Neonicotinoid Monitoring Study
  3. Pollen Monitoring Network Study
  4. Benthic Invertebrate Neonicotinoid Monitoring Study
  5. Drinking Water Neonicotinoid Monitoring Study
  6. Bumble Bee Diversity and Abundance Survey

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2015 - 2018

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