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  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) surveillance in farmed cervids

    This dataset contains statistical data of on-farm mortality and slaughter surveillance the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs collects as part of the voluntary CWD...

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  • Rabies incidents involving domestic animals in Ontario

    Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs provides assistance to private veterinarians (as well as public health and animal control personnel, and animal owners as needed)...

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  • Foods of Plant Origin (FPO) - complaints

    This dataset contains information related to food of plant origin complaints. Foods of plant origin are produce (fruits and vegetables), sprouts, culinary herbs, nuts, edible...

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  • Food Safety Science Baseline Studies

    The data collected as part of baseline studies supports the study of targeted microbial pathogens and indicator organisms and/or chemical contaminants across a segment of the...

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  • Farmers’ Markets

    This dataset displays the name, website and locations of Ontario Farmers Markets, as derived from the Farmers Markets of Ontario Website. The 2 datasets available below are...
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  • Culinary and medicinal herbs tracking

    Data on the pest presence, overwintering, and growth characteristic of a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs in Ontario.

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  • Animal health incident reports

    Under the Animal Health Act, the ministry tracks incidents and potential hazards to animal health.

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  • Aleutian Disease (AD) surveillance on mink farms

    AD is presently the most important infectious disease affecting farm-raised mink. Data is a summary of the 2015 annual testing results from the University of Guelph Animal...

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  • Foodland Ontario fruits and vegetables availability guide

    This dataset includes a list of Ontario fruits and vegetables and the corresponding months that they are available for purchase in Ontario.
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