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  • Total cost of ownership for fleet vehicles

    The Fleet Management Centre uses a "total cost of ownership" life-cycle approach to asset management of the fleet program that supports its cost- effective and efficient...

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  • Regional and municipal transit data

    The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) collects and publishes annual transit data for the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Data contains operating and financial...

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  • Office space footprint reduction

    As part of the 2012 budget commitment to reduce office footprint by 1M square feet, this dataset provides an annual report on progress towards the public target. Typically this...

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  • Ministry of Community and Social Services, critical infrastructure

    Critical infrastructure information includes the following details about buildings that have Ministry of Community and Social Services/Ministry of Children and Youth Services...

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  • List of qualified laboratories

    The list of qualified laboratories is determined by successful participation in ministry programs, based on certifications and/or inspections.

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  • Financial transportation data

    This dataset provides Public Accounts and Estimates financial information presented by mode of transportation including rail, air, road and other, and is updated every fiscal...

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  • Equipment and labour service provider data - Northwestern Region

    List of qualified service providers for equipment rental and labour provision for Ministry of Transportation work. This data includes the equipment/labour description, unit...

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  • Business impact analysis, hazard identification and risk assessment data

    Lists the specific services delivered and the buildings they are located in. Business Impact Analysis identifies impact of a business disruption. The Hazard Identification and...

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  • Asset management data

    Asset Management System consumes data provided by other stakeholders for analysis purposes. The key data types with stakeholders are: pavements data, structures, traffic,...

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  • Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund recipients

    The Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) was launched in 2014 and provides funding to help small, rural and northern communities build and repair critical...
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  • Lot fabric improved

    The spatial accuracy of the lot fabric for some townships has been improved through the Ontario Parcel, Township Realignment and Township Improvement projects. Improvements to...
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  • Construction Notice of Project report

    Provides details of construction projects reported to the ministry

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  • Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR)

    Under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is required to report annually on motor vehicle collision statistics. The Ontario Road Safety Annual...
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