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  • Greenhouse gas emissions reporting by facility

    As part of Ontario’s Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to ensure large polluters are held accountable for their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Ontario posts yearly summaries of...
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  • Well records

    This dataset provides information submitted by well contractors as prescribed by Regulation 903, and is stored in the Water Well Information System (WWIS). Spatial information...
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  • Water chemistry (Great Lakes nearshore areas)

    Data is collected each year, according to the lake-by-lake cycle. Information includes: water chemistry approximately 60 index and reference stations throughout the Great Lakes...
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  • Zooplankton monitoring

    Density and biomass data from spatial and temporal surveys of zooplankton in Dorset and Sudbury lakes.

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  • Water taking

    Data contains actual daily water taking amounts as reported by holders of a permit to take water and submitted to the ministry under the Water Taking and Transfer Regulation....

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  • Sudbury stream and lake water chemistry

    Water chemistry data from streams and lakes (spatial and temporal surveys) primarily from the Sudbury area of Ontario.

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  • Spring phosphorous program

    Dataset provides summary of sampling information collected over time from lakes in Timmins District as part of the spring phosphorous program information is used to provide idea...

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  • Sampled waterbodies and meteorological stations

    List of Inland Lakes/Streams/Meteorological stations comprising Station ID, location description.

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  • Laboratory and waterworks inspection system  (LWIS)

    Drinking water management division assesses compliance of laboratories (O.Reg. 248/03), drinking water systems (O.Reg. 170/03), schools, private schools and day cares (O.Reg....

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  • Inland lake high-frequency meteorology, hydrology and limnology

    Deployed around the Muskoka area providing automated high frequency information about chemical and physical data. Observing systems (e.g., sensors) are the primary means of...

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  • Hive monitoring project 2014 - 2015

    Bee hives were sampled for pesticide residues in the spring, summer and fall of 2014 and 2015 to determine the amounts of pesticides in live bees, dead bees, pollen and nectar....

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  • Greenhouse compliance and inspection database

    Information includes: client names and contact information, site addresses, Environmental Compliance Approval and Permit To Take Water, incident reports, inspection history,...

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  • Great lakes benthic invertebrates

    Benthic invertebrate (such as: snails, worms and mussels) data are collected in several Great Lakes water quality studies as an indicator of nutrient and organic enrichment and...

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  • Field based spatial water quality mapping

    Field sensors, analytical instruments capable of operating in real-time and under field conditions, are used in Great Lakes studies where the description of spatial patterns in...

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  • Environmental site registry

    Record of site conditions filed from July 1, 2011 to present.

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  • Environmental assessment information management system (EAIMS)

    The Environmental assessment information management system is a database application used to monitor compliance with terms and conditions of environmental assessment project...

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  • Effluent monitoring and effluent limits facilities list

    The effluent monitoring and effluent limits regulations (EMEL) require designated industrial facilities, who discharge directly to water bodies in Ontario, to sample and report...

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  • Dorset streams long term chemistry

    Stream water chemistry from a range of locations and years, primarily from the Dorset area of Ontario.

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  • Dorset stream hydrology

    Gauge locations, information about monitoring equipment installations, raw streamflow data, edited streamflow data, and associated statistics, including methods descriptions and...

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  • Dorset meteorological monitoring

    Dataset contains locations, equipment used, data processing methods, daily data for principal meteorological measures.

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