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  • Tracking of emergency pesticide use

    Pesticide emergency use registration is a temporary, time-limited measure to help producers manage a crisis pest outbreak. Emergency uses are only proposed if a crop is facing...

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  • Spring bedding crops and thrips (a major pest)

    Various plant species and varieties commonly grown in the spring were assessed for their attractiveness to western flower thrips. Data from the study is used to advise crop...

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  • Quinoa crop trials

    Quinoa is a new grain crop to Ontario that is considered to be very healthy to consume. This is data on agronomic trials (e.g. fertility, planting density, harvest assessments)...

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  • Minor use pesticide label expansion program

    The minor use pesticide label expansion program brings pest control products to Canadian minor crop and specialty crop growers. The program has several areas of focus and...

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  • List of approved nutrient management strategies and Non-Agricultural Source M...

    Three documents a farmer may be required to have under the regulations of the Nutrient Management Act, 2002, are a: nutrient management strategy (NMS), nutrient management plan...

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  • Kenaf seed germination data

    Data (germination rates), on the impact of various agronomic factors on kenaf seed germination.

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  • Impact of using biomass crop residue as a weed barrier in container grown plants

    Population counts of broadleaf and grassy weeds with and without various weed barriers (e.g. coco coir disc, switchgrass, miscanthus, wood mulch). This data is used to assess...

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  • Impact of fertilizer treatments on spring bedding plants

    Data contains measurements on plant including height, flower count, chlorophyll content, leaf measurements, fertilizer rates on petunia, verbena, callibrachoa, viola and New...

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  • Hop leaf stripping evaluation

    Hop yield in 2015 following five different leaf stripping options for the cultural management of hop downy mildew.

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  • Hop frost management

    Hop yield from 2015 following five different cultural management treatments to optimize yield in years with late spring frost episodes.

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  • Haskap (Blue Honeysuckle) harvest timing

    This dataset shows information on five haskap cultivars on optimal harvest timing based on sugar content (BRIX), pH and flavour in 2015. *[pH]: potential of hydrogen

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  • Haskap (Blue Honeysuckle) cultivar growth stages and yield information

    This dataset shows crop growth stages and yield of five haskap cultivars grown under Ontario growing conditions between 2010 and 2014.

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  • Flowering characteristics of Easter Lily plant

    This dataset contains measurements of the plant including height, flower bud length, time to flower, number of buds, bulb size of various Easter lily varieties.

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  • Fertilizer requirements for specialty crops

    Data on the response of kohlrabi and brilliant melon to different levels of nitrogen. Specialty crops like kohlrabi and brilliant melon are typically non- traditional crops...

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  • Edamame crop trials

    Edamame is an edible soybean that is typically consumed fresh. This is data on agronomic trials (e.g. fertility, planting density, harvest assessments) on edamame. These...

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  • Controlling whitefly in greenhouse ornamentals

    This data contains crop type, plant treatment (mites/no mites), and number of whitefly adults/nymphs per plant over weekly intervals as well as grower satisfaction with control...

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  • Behavior of the parasitoid Aphidius ervi (bicontrol agent)

    Aphidus ervi is sold commercially to control foxglove aphid but actual control in ornamental greenhouse crops is limited. This study investigates if the plant-location...

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  • Ontario provincial land cover 1996 - 28 classes

    This data was produced in 1999 by rationalizing a 48-class database into 28 distinct classes. The original database was derived from digital, multispectral Landsat Thematic...
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  • Bathymetry lines

    Bathymetry line data was collected to assess fish habitat in Ontario. Spot depths (bathymetry points) were used to measure the depth contours, which function like isobars to...
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  • Smog advisory statistics (ambient air quality network)

    The ministry monitors air pollution levels and issues smog advisories when there is strong likelihood that widespread, elevated, and persistent smog levels are expected. This...
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