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  • Safety performance functions

    Safety Performance Functions allow the Ministry of Transportation to analyze different elements of the Ontario highway network. They can be used in applications such as...
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  • Collisions: Traffic Collisions within Ontario Provincial Police Jurisdiction

    This database includes collision counts grouped by Personal Injury (PI) and Property Damage (PD) as captured through the e-CRS or electronic Collision Reporting System. Data is...

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  • Fail to Stop: Count of Fail to Stop Reports

    This database contains information pertaining to an incident in which a motorist fails to stop when signalled by a police officer.

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  • Number of collisions involving Ontario Provincial Police officers.

    Collision can occur on any type of vehicle, when an office is on active duty, by date and hour of the day.

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  • Ministry of Natural Resources Road Barrier

    A Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Road Barrier is when access to a road segment or network is restricted or controlled. Road authorities in Ontario have the mandated...
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  • Carpool lots

    Used within the Travellers Road Information Portal Interactive Map to convey transportation related information in both official languages. This information includes a list of...
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  • Weather Camera Data

    This data set contains English and French camera information from the Road Weather Information System (RWIS) and URLs that point to camera images that refresh every 20 minutes....

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  • Vehicle and carrier inquiry correspondence data

    Data is pulled from a correspondence management system which tracks and monitors case resolution and the closing of incoming correspondence. It is also used for statistical...

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  • Utility pole location data - Northeastern Region

    Data on utilitiy poles in the Northeastern Region detailing illumination, signals, hydro, and telecommunications.

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  • Test process results - aggregate and soil proficiency sample data

    The dataset contains test results submitted by approximately 250 laboratories that are asked to perform a number of different tests. It provides a means for participating...

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  • Smoothness and pavement treatment method data

    The pavement treatment method is compared with the before and after construction International Roughness Index (IRI) values in order to determine trends and determine smoothness...

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  • SiteCard - transportation structure data - West Region

    Used to access inventory information for bridges, culverts, retaining walls and overhead sign supports. Dataset also includes, drawings, investigations, inspection reports and...

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  • Sign support structure data - Northeastern Region

    Inventory of all sign support structures in Northeastern Region along with locations and original construction year.

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  • Safety and operational highway improvement list - West Region

    This database includes the following information: location, project description, construction cost estimate, benefit/cost ratio, safety benefit, scoring and comments.

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  • Road closure data

    This data set contains information of current and future planned closures as well as currently active unplanned closures. Road event data is from COMPASS: a high-tech Freeway...

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  • Provincial highway fire department service call data

    Information on the vehicle and vehicle owner as recorded on the accident report as well as details on nature of Fire Department services - number of units and length of time.

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  • Pavement management system data

    Dataset is used to report current and future pavement conditions, multi-year maintenance and rehab treatment strategies, investment need to preserve highway pavement network.

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  • Ontario highway structure management system

    Inventory information includes structure location, type, dimensions, element quantities, condition information, and documents such as drawings, reports, and inspection photographs.

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  • Ontario aggregate sources inventory data

    This dataset contains location information for aggregate sources throughout Ontario, and for which types of aggregate can be produced. Data pertains to both private and Ministry...

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  • Noise barrier retrofit - Canadian sites

    Noise Barrier Retrofit policy used to establish the list can be found in the MTO Environmental Guide for Noise. Utilizes traffic level analysis to estimate noise impacts and...

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