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  • Project information form/data request

    Since the mid-1990s, archaeologists have had to file Project Information Forms prior to commencing fieldwork. One of the ways this information is used is to track when...

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  • Ontario archaeological sites

    A term and condition of holding an archaeological licence is to file Site Record forms for every new site discovered and Site Update forms for any revisit to a previously...

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  • Fort William Historical Park survey results

    Fort William Historical Park asks visitors to respond to a survey at the completion of their visit to the attraction. This dataset includes the results of the surveys.

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  • Fort William Historical Park reservations system

    The system creates a public program calendar and tracks the internal resources required for program delivery, and performance metrics (attendance and revenue) generated by the...

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  • Fort William Historical Park asset management inventory

    Fort William Historical Park tracks all assets, both modern and historical items. Historical items are both reproduction and original pieces.

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  • Development files

    Development applications can, on occasion, consist of many phases and many different archaeological assessments. This dataset tracks all the associated surveys and associated...

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  • Asset Management Information System

    As of May 2015, this data set contains condition assessments of 764 ministry assets at 13 agencies and attractions. These assessments include an evaluation of each asset's...

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  • Archaeologically surveyed lands

    This dataset contains mapping data representing the extent of past archeological surveys.

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  • Archaeological Site Lead data

    Includes data on historical references to sites and other leads where archaeologists have not had the chance confirm archaeological artifacts and/or features in their original...

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