Food Safety Science Baseline Studies

This dataset contains data collected by the Food Safety Science Unit staff with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs as part of conducting Baseline Studies to understand certain pathogens, organisms and contaminants that threaten food safety security.

The data collected as part of baseline studies supports the study of targeted microbial pathogens and indicator organisms and/or chemical contaminants across a segment of the food continuum. These studies are program specific and designed to collect statistical benchmarks for use in a number of ways. The information gained can be used to develop intervention programs, inspection and control programs, and to support further research. An important outcome is the establishment of baseline data, particularly where such data does not exist for the food or commodity of interest. Studies may also be diagnostic in nature.

The data range of the Baseline Studies are limited to the parameters and timeframe of the study which can range from one year to several. Data collection is not done on an ongoing basis.

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