Far North Quaternary Watersheds

The Far North quaternary boundaries have been created based on 'Version 2.0' of the Ontario Integrated Hydrology Data (OIHD) product. The new watersheds included in this package cover the entire area draining to the Hudson-James Bay basin within Ontario (excluding the Rainy River basin). This data is considered "Interim" in nature and will eventually be incorporated into a new 'Version 3' official update of Ontario's Provincial Watershed layers.

A watershed, also known as a catchment basin or area, includes all the land that is drained by a watercourse and its tributaries. A quaternary watershed is a polygon feature that identifies one of the 1000+ subdivisions of the tertiary watershed divisions for all of Ontario. Quaternary watersheds have the recommended size range of 40000-250000 acres. A few exceptions apply where the landscape cannot be further subdivided or amalgamated into units which would fit within this acceptable range.

The horizontal positional accuracy of the boundaries is variable depending on the nature and spatial distribution of the raw DEM information, and thus cannot be validated without onsite investigation and verification.


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Covers 2016-02-19 - 2016-02-19

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